Monday, February 9, 2009

The boys love the yard here in the summer. They have bows and arrows and love to practice. Here they are showing their cousins from Michigan how to do it! We love visitors! hint...hint! We actually have a yard here. This gives me hope for sun! Can't wait for Spring!
This is where we are wishing we still were right now!! We miss our friends and our boat and most of all the WEATHER!!!!

We love the weather here in New York in the Spring, Summer and Fall is awesome but I would give up the Winters in a heartbeat. Friday I took the boys to the orthodontist and at 9am it was -1! -15 with windchill factor. And boy the wind blows! The schools are amazing and the people here so friendly and down to earth. There are definately more positives than negatives. We are greatful for all we have!


valerie said...

Hey there! I'm so happy I found you from Cassie's blog! I can't believe how BIG your boys are, weren't they just babies??? You are going to have some heart stealers in a few years when the girls come a knockin (that is if they haven't already!)
From Cali to New York, you guys never have a dull moment do you?
We sure miss you guys, and I'm glad I can at least peek in at you now! (I love blogging for that very reason!)

Tiffiny Sowards said...

Wait. You meant you miss the boat, the weather and most of all the FRIENDS, right? I thought so. Just had to clear that up.

Stefani said...

The weather misses you too... ok, and so do we;)

Caroline said...

Ronny! I couldn't find you on Facebook. Did I spell your name wrong? Mine is listed as Caroline Kohkonen Anderson. My maiden name is a doozy and one of a kind so you should be able to find me:-) So good to hear from you. Loved reading your blog! Miss you too!

Sly Family said...

I wasn't going to look at your blog today since everytime I did I was a little disappointed. So I was surprised and thrilled to read about all of your adventures.