Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Buffalo, NY Halloween Trunk or treat!

This is sad little Austin on Halloween night while everyone was

trick or treating! This is the second year in a row he has been

sick and hasn't been able to go out. When everyone was ready

we went looking for him and he was in bed asleep.

He had been home from school for 3 days with a sinus infection

and ear infections.

Mason was such a good brother and took out Austins bag and

asked people to give some to his sick brother. So sweet!!

A Good brother!!

Mom and Austy at the trunk or treat! He was

so excited because he got alot

of tickets! What a cute Hippie!!

KC was in charge of setting up the games and running one of

them for his "Duty to God" for his Eagle Scout.

He did a good job!!

This is Austy playing games. You had to pick up the Smartie

and put it in the next cup with the straw. Very tricky!!

This is my cute Hippie family!! I made these wigs and

planned on making 6, by the second wig

I decided Kevin and I didn't need wigs!! ha ha!

It took a week and a half. Good thing I planned

early. Kevin worked late that night so

he didn't even dress up!!! So no effort lost!! ha ha!!

The boys loved playing with their hair, it was a hit and

cost nothing. Already had yarn and nylons!! Awesome!!

Our last salute to California!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Sissy Marie

Here is our little princess " Sissy Marie" still looking Good at 14 years old. She is 98 in people years. We have put her sweater on because it's starting to get a little cold for her old bones. She's such a good dog. We love her and have enjoyed everyday with her. Neck surgery and all, was worth every penny!!!

KC and Jake's Volleyball team at Clarence Middle, Ny

KC found a new sport that he loves and he
is really good at. He and Jake made alot of new
friends on the team this year.

This is their team uniforms. The team hated
them because they were called the "Little Devils"
which they aren't little right! ha ha! Boys! So they
wouldn't wear them to school on game days
because they were all embaressed. Guess the
school needs to get some new uniforms. Jakes
was sooo big I had to alter the sleeves and the
bottom. Poor kid!

This is their team and they went undefeated
the whole year. They were so excited. They won
all the teams 4 games to 1. This was really good for
Jake to be equal to KC and I was able to see
them really bond with Volleyball. A moms prayers

Jake was the smallest one on the team but
the best digger they had. He gave everything
he had and the coach noticed and he
played alot more than the bigger kids on
the team!!

Austins trip to get his dental work

We went to the dentist and Austy had 2 absest teeth and 7 root canals. The dentist ties it to gummy bear vitamins. He says he has seen a kid with no cavities go to 10 cavities in 6 months because of these fun little things! argh! So a word to the wise don't use them! So they had to put him on antibiotics and send him to childrens hospital where they put him under anesthesia and worked on his teeth. They put stainless steel caps on his teeth so he now looks like the little mexican kids in California. ( I have never said this to him so please don't repeat) We told him they are cool like bugs bunny because he was a little upset when he woke up and saw the results. So now he thinks its ok because of bugs bunny and the boys have been so good to not say anything bad. He says the kids at school think they are cool! Hallalua!! A mothers worst fear...the kids in elementary. They are a little too honest sometimes LOL!!! He was excited because after mom took him to McDonalds and he got a chocolate milkshake and we bought him some special popsicles that his brothers could only have if Austin said so. Gave him a little power he doesn't usually have with 3 older brothers. ha ha!!

Jakes stitches

Yes another trip to the emergency room Jake had just gotten out of his hour swimming lessons which I think added to the problem because I think it made his skin a little soft. He tried to climb over a table in the gym and slipped and hit his leg on the table. When he came out of the doors I could see him crying. I thought he had been beat up or something. ha ha! He got in the car and said I hit my leg( which he had