Monday, February 9, 2009

KC and Jake Wrestling at Clarence Middle 08

This was the boys first year wrestling and they rocked! They had sooo much fun and it was such a great workout for them everyday. Their conditioning made them so tired everyday they came home. They made so many new friends this year. These are 2 of their favorites and both of their names are Austin. So not to get them confuse with their brother they called them by their last names, Cjzaz and Crozac.
No we aren't in California anymore!

They are such typical boys showing off their muscles. It is hilarious to see them check out their muscles in the mirror when they think nobody is watching ( gotcha!!)
This was 2 weeks into the season you should see them now! Jake has started his growth hormone shots and is almost at a 6 pack and has gained 10 pounds and grown an inch in 2 months! awesome!

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