Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here are my little "hotties" with this fun moose and my 5th son I call "#5" because his name is also Austin and he practically lives with us...Jakey's bff!!.. haha
Have u ever been to's a real place!..haha!!

Buddy's tongue is a trip!!!

Our fancy little restuarant in Boonville!! I know Mason it's not Benihana's!

Kevin trying to humble Jake...wrestling gave my kids man!!!

The Hansen Family

Austy was on the Dodgers this year and loved playing pitcher and catcher. Catcher is always fun at this age because you get to put all the equiptment on ( like playing dress-up with girls) haha!

The coach was our Bishop and his brother in-law which have adopted us into their fun family (they have 5 boys and a girl, the bishop is married to the girl) so with that many siblings and all of their kids it feels as close as possible to being home with cousins on the holidays. This has been a great blessing to my boys...we love you Showalter family! Oh and of course Jake was one of the assistants!! He loves control...wonder where that comes from?????
Yes we do get sun here in Buffalo!!!

There's my cute little catcher with and amazing arm!!

Mason was a great helper to Austy's team too! Brothers are the best!!

Ok I am going to try to get this updated since the boys are back in school and my dogs aren't much into conversation...the last update I did was in March then I had shoulder reconstructive surgery!!! OUCH!! My arm is finally getting back to normal and I can type on a keyboard without medication. We have had a great summer and I was able to go spend 2 weeks with my fun family!! Mom even took the 2 weeks off and Lacey had the whole 2 weeks filled with fun activities!! I needed a vacation from my vacation!! Thanks Lace I know you went to alot of work to cordinate with everyone. I also got to spend 2 special weeks with my grandma Vincent in her last days here on the earth....she will be dearly missed!! She was an awesome grandma!! Love you grandma!! Kevin and I were able to fly back home for her funeral and spend some nice alone time together! It has been a while the boys and all of their sports keep us busy and Kevin got another promotion at work and is Stake YM Pres. so he is busy. So it was nice to steal him away from all the quoas!! So here we go!!!
Ok....This is the 1st broken arm by a trampoline ever in my family with 4 siblings and my 4 boys...and no Austy didn't fall off the tramp he got bounced high and bent his wrist on the tramp trying to catch himself!! Argh!! My neighbors wouldn't let their kids jump because we didn't have our net up so they sadly sat and watched my boys jump! Now there is now hope for them...sorry Katie and Alex!LOL!

I was in the house and as soon as I heard the scream I knew it was of those cries that makes a mom's stomache sick! Kevin wanted to wait a day and see if it felt better( totally a dad saying suck it up) ha ha! Lucky for Austy mom wears the pants in the family...haha!! Sorry Kev! But just a funny side note about NY is they aren't allowed to put a cast on in the ER. So they sent us to an Orthopedic surgeons office to get one and take a second set of x-rays. So....they can operate on you but can't put on a cast????HMMMMM...something is wrong here...too many laws!!!

The Hansen Family