Monday, February 9, 2009

KC's 14th B-day

This reminds me of my cheerleading days! You should have seen how funny it was to see them try to make this pyramid! Scary! The poor kids on the bottom were getting abused. They had to have left with so many bruises. And it was from the football game in the front yard. Tower building isn't a natural talent. ha ha!

I thought Aunt Lacey would get a kick out of this! The "Chuckie" doll in this picture was her April fools joke when she came to visit! This doll is the hit of every party at our house. My boys are completely scared of Chuckies room (my closet) they won't even get a pair of shoes for me.
But, when the party starts they turn into tough guys and freak out their friends!


KC is now a Priest!!

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