Wednesday, March 11, 2009

........................... Our first NY camping trip!

This is Jake,Buddy, and Millie at the Lake getting family baths! They were so dirty they looked brown. I thought all dogs were born knowing how to swim but obviously not...Buddy sank!! Jake jumped in and rescued him and was not happy mom threw him in! Jakey and his tender heart! The dogs loved the back of the truck and it was the fastest blow dry I have ever seen!!

This was us at the Fish hatchery. This turned out to be one of the neatest memories of the trip. It was Kevins idea and we weren't thrilled about it! As soon as we got there and saw all the fish and watched them fight over the food as we feed them it was AWESOME! Great idea babe!!

Jake and Austy feeding the Trout! Just before Austy fell in!! He will need therapy for that!! haha! He thought he would be eaten alive! I think the fish were more traumatized than him!:)

My awesome boys!! Who could ask for more!! Kevin makes some pretty good lookin' boys I will be the first one to say!!

This is us in front of our awesome trailer that has brought so many fun memories to our family!!

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annette said...

Ronny. How fun!!! You have such a darling family.. I love making memories like that. You look great and should take some credit for those good looking boys.