Monday, February 9, 2009

The boys love the yard here in the summer. They have bows and arrows and love to practice. Here they are showing their cousins from Michigan how to do it! We love visitors! hint...hint! We actually have a yard here. This gives me hope for sun! Can't wait for Spring!
This is where we are wishing we still were right now!! We miss our friends and our boat and most of all the WEATHER!!!!

We love the weather here in New York in the Spring, Summer and Fall is awesome but I would give up the Winters in a heartbeat. Friday I took the boys to the orthodontist and at 9am it was -1! -15 with windchill factor. And boy the wind blows! The schools are amazing and the people here so friendly and down to earth. There are definately more positives than negatives. We are greatful for all we have!

Driving to Utah for Christmas

Millie and Austin
Austy must have been the comfiest thing in the car or the most patient because the dogs just gravitated to him! Austy thought it was sooo funny!

You can see how the pecking order goes in my family! Dogs in seats and boys on the floor! haha! I wish I could sleep anywhere like this. Before this trip Buddy would cry in the car, even going to pick up the boys from school. By the time we ended the first day he gave up on us getting home!

This is Austy new puppy. He is our first dog from anywhere but Utah! He's a New Yauker! He hated being in the back seat. He always wanted to be by Austy. Austy is such a good pet owner! Austy helps with Buddy anytime I ask and even when I don't. We realized on this trip why the Pioneers only went one way!! Nobody would really do that to themselves on purpose. We have done it once and that's all it takes!! 29 hours without stops! crazy! The boys were good, weather good, car worked perfectly, dogs great, just tooooooo farrrrrrrrrrr!

One of Jake's wrestling matches

Jake was so good at Wrestling. There is ONE bonus to having mine and my moms stubborness!! haha! He wrestled alot of boys who have been wrestling for 3 years and most of them weighed 10 lbs. more than him and had more leverage with the height they had on him!! I am so proud of both the boys seasons! After the last meet the high school coach came up to Jake and told him how good he was and told him he should try out for club that he coaches at the high school! Awesome complement! We wish family could have seen their achievements this year!! But this is the best we can do. We miss you and Love ya!

One of KC's wrestling matches

KC has gotten so tall! He is now taller than me. Look at his height to the ref. he is almost as tall as him! He is now average height! Just in time for High School!

KC and Jake Wrestling at Clarence Middle 08

This was the boys first year wrestling and they rocked! They had sooo much fun and it was such a great workout for them everyday. Their conditioning made them so tired everyday they came home. They made so many new friends this year. These are 2 of their favorites and both of their names are Austin. So not to get them confuse with their brother they called them by their last names, Cjzaz and Crozac.
No we aren't in California anymore!

They are such typical boys showing off their muscles. It is hilarious to see them check out their muscles in the mirror when they think nobody is watching ( gotcha!!)
This was 2 weeks into the season you should see them now! Jake has started his growth hormone shots and is almost at a 6 pack and has gained 10 pounds and grown an inch in 2 months! awesome!

Christmas in Utah at Salt Lake Temple

I had to publish this picture because not everyone gets to see this beautiful place at Christmas. The boys were sooo excited to go. We walked around the visitors center and I was so proud of them because they knew what was happening in probably 90% of the paintings!

Poor Kevin! He is just like his mommy! They seem to blink in more pictures than not! ha ha! He hates it!

I am a dork with computers and can't figure out how to turn this picture! Oh well!

This is my NOT SO baby!! They are growing up so fast. Austy is such a mommies boy and is always asking if I want some ice water or if I need anything. He is such a special little man to me! He is very thoughtful and very sensative. He hates to disappoint me. When we were leaving temple square Austin screams " I can't believe we got to see the Salt Lake Temple in REAL LIFE!!" I thought that was hilarious! The little things kids appreciate that sometimes us adults take for granted. We are always being humbled by them!

Our family has gotten huge since being home last! It was soooo fun seeing all of you and the boys miss all their aunts and uncles. They grew up without cousins being the only grandkids...getting spoiled rotten. They have had to make a huge adjustment to Aunts having kids and not getting all their attention. :)

KC's 14th B-day

This reminds me of my cheerleading days! You should have seen how funny it was to see them try to make this pyramid! Scary! The poor kids on the bottom were getting abused. They had to have left with so many bruises. And it was from the football game in the front yard. Tower building isn't a natural talent. ha ha!

I thought Aunt Lacey would get a kick out of this! The "Chuckie" doll in this picture was her April fools joke when she came to visit! This doll is the hit of every party at our house. My boys are completely scared of Chuckies room (my closet) they won't even get a pair of shoes for me.
But, when the party starts they turn into tough guys and freak out their friends!


KC is now a Priest!!

Jake's 12th B-day

I can't believe Jake is 12. I now have 2 boys with the Priesthood!! I am too young, I feel. But then I look at my pictures and realize that the wrinkles( war wounds of being a mom) are there and they must have happened over night!! Jake was so excited to be a priesthood holder. He prepared and took it a little more serious than KC( not that KC doesn't take it serious),but Jake wanted so much to be like Kevin and KC and be able to go to dinner and the Priesthood session of conference as boys night out. Very cool tradition Kevin started. I am so sad because I didn't get a picture of Grandpa Ed with them.
Don't you love getting pictures like this taken of you!!

Austy thinks Jakey is the best! Jake has such a talent with kids and Austy is his bud!!
His wife is gonna be sooooo lucky!! He'll be a great dad!