Monday, February 9, 2009

Christmas in Utah at Salt Lake Temple

I had to publish this picture because not everyone gets to see this beautiful place at Christmas. The boys were sooo excited to go. We walked around the visitors center and I was so proud of them because they knew what was happening in probably 90% of the paintings!

Poor Kevin! He is just like his mommy! They seem to blink in more pictures than not! ha ha! He hates it!

I am a dork with computers and can't figure out how to turn this picture! Oh well!

This is my NOT SO baby!! They are growing up so fast. Austy is such a mommies boy and is always asking if I want some ice water or if I need anything. He is such a special little man to me! He is very thoughtful and very sensative. He hates to disappoint me. When we were leaving temple square Austin screams " I can't believe we got to see the Salt Lake Temple in REAL LIFE!!" I thought that was hilarious! The little things kids appreciate that sometimes us adults take for granted. We are always being humbled by them!

Our family has gotten huge since being home last! It was soooo fun seeing all of you and the boys miss all their aunts and uncles. They grew up without cousins being the only grandkids...getting spoiled rotten. They have had to make a huge adjustment to Aunts having kids and not getting all their attention. :)

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