Monday, February 9, 2009

Driving to Utah for Christmas

Millie and Austin
Austy must have been the comfiest thing in the car or the most patient because the dogs just gravitated to him! Austy thought it was sooo funny!

You can see how the pecking order goes in my family! Dogs in seats and boys on the floor! haha! I wish I could sleep anywhere like this. Before this trip Buddy would cry in the car, even going to pick up the boys from school. By the time we ended the first day he gave up on us getting home!

This is Austy new puppy. He is our first dog from anywhere but Utah! He's a New Yauker! He hated being in the back seat. He always wanted to be by Austy. Austy is such a good pet owner! Austy helps with Buddy anytime I ask and even when I don't. We realized on this trip why the Pioneers only went one way!! Nobody would really do that to themselves on purpose. We have done it once and that's all it takes!! 29 hours without stops! crazy! The boys were good, weather good, car worked perfectly, dogs great, just tooooooo farrrrrrrrrrr!

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