Wednesday, March 11, 2009

.................. Authentic Chinese dumplings & Jambalya

This is a picture of "Sonny" (he is from China) an investigator of the church, Sister McLelland, Sister Saxon, me and Sissy of course. We had a dinner with them where Sonny made us authentic Chinese Dumplings, and Sister Saxon is from Louisiana and made us Jambalya!! What a treat!!

Sister Saxon was returning home from her mission the next week so we had both of our favorite desserts (fruit tarts from Wegmans)!! MMMMMMM!

These were Sonny's dumplings, he boiled some and fried some and they were both delicious! The boys loved them and we wished we had leftovers! We have been craving them ever since!

It was a hit!!! Sonny let the boys help and they had so much fun!! He also taught them how to do some Chinese writing and how to write their names in Chinese! We had so much fun! The night definately ended too soon!! Thanks Sonny!!


Stefani said...

Yum!! It sounds delicious! It also sounds quite international. My kids ask all the time why don't we have sister missionaries in our ward. I tell them at least San Juan has their own elders now, we should be grateful.

You guys look adorable and I LOVE the red kitchen.

Roberto said...

Great update on what you've been up to guys!! It's great to hear you're doing awesome.
I'm working for Taxi del Alto now, an company that's using GPS computer assisted distpach, finally a Pentium in my job!! and it's pretty powerfull too 2 gb ram and a 2.66 mhrtz proccessor. It's alittle further from home but I get some more cash too so there's nothing to complain about (... yet jajaja)They're really happy about havong hired me and I feel it. Best place I could be working (at that type of job and in Neuquen, of course) I think it was a very wise deccision to make. Anyway I'll send ya pictures soon. Everyone's ok.
Your kids-boys are awesome!!! They have grown so much!! My last visit Kc was 10/15 days and now you're celebraiting his 14th birthday!!! It feels it was not so long ago, uh?
I'll talk to you later!!! Take Care!!

Roberto Fernandez