Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Sissy Marie

Here is our little princess " Sissy Marie" still looking Good at 14 years old. She is 98 in people years. We have put her sweater on because it's starting to get a little cold for her old bones. She's such a good dog. We love her and have enjoyed everyday with her. Neck surgery and all, was worth every penny!!!


Cassie said...

oh sweet sissy marie!! I am guessing you are bringing the dogs for christmas? Sam will love you if you do, he loves dogs so much he crys when they leave his sight!!

Life with 4 crazy boyz said...

Of course the girls and the trouble maker are coming!! Did you ever question that ha ha!!!

Kylii-Smiley said...

Hey sister hanson! It's Kylii Anderson. sissy is adorable. My family wishes you guys still lived here. we miss you!