Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KC and Jake's Volleyball team at Clarence Middle, Ny

KC found a new sport that he loves and he
is really good at. He and Jake made alot of new
friends on the team this year.

This is their team uniforms. The team hated
them because they were called the "Little Devils"
which they aren't little right! ha ha! Boys! So they
wouldn't wear them to school on game days
because they were all embaressed. Guess the
school needs to get some new uniforms. Jakes
was sooo big I had to alter the sleeves and the
bottom. Poor kid!

This is their team and they went undefeated
the whole year. They were so excited. They won
all the teams 4 games to 1. This was really good for
Jake to be equal to KC and I was able to see
them really bond with Volleyball. A moms prayers

Jake was the smallest one on the team but
the best digger they had. He gave everything
he had and the coach noticed and he
played alot more than the bigger kids on
the team!!

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Cassie said...

How fun for them i am glad that they are getting along with each other. I can't wait to see my boys!!!!